LivClean advocates doing things for good, like changing your habits to cultivate a clean and healthy living environment, while also making the decision to commit to a life of clean living. This is something that so many people are trying to do, especially now that more of us are waking up to the impact that humans have on the world around us. Living clean goes beyond a lifestyle change, to a commitment towards a better life.

Clean Living


LivClean was borne out of the personal advocacy of Pinky T. Yee, and her ongoing, dynamic journey to living clean. Along with her co-founder Lynet Ng, Pinky has created a product line that embodies that very journey.

LivClean’s philosophy celebrates essential, natural things: not only by using local, biodegradable ingredients are you helping the environment, but you are also consciously moving away from harsh chemicals that can harm you and your loved ones.

Our advocacy is about doing things for good -- changing your habits to ensure a clean and healthy home, and making the commitment to live clean.


Our founder and company President & CEO- Ms. Pinky Yee, is a seasoned business executive and an icon in the food service industry who gained reputation for managing successful local and international brands that became household names in the country. She was named WOMAN INNOVATOR by GoNegosyo Inspiring Filipina Entrepreneurs 2022. She was featured on The Business Manual Stories in March 2023 where she talked about the Big Idea of always rising above the clutter by delivering a new product or service that the target market can and will resonate.

Having been in the corporate world for more than two decades, Ms. Pinky experienced various levels of stress from the daily grind, that’s why she has been maintaining a healthy lifestyle all these years.

She is very particular about the products she uses and carefully reads the label to ensure those are free from substances that are harmful to humans and environment. She supports brands that adhere to sustainable living as this is the same value she believes in.

Such commitment to doing things for good, like changing habits to cultivate a clean and healthy living environment, inspired her to establish Pure Essentials Specialist Corp. together with her partner Lynet Ng in 2020. They launched LivClean - a brand which promotes the use of local, biodegradable ingredients, and is a conscious and committed step away from harsh chemicals that can harm you, your loved ones and Mother Earth.